Clinical Trial Shows that Daily Intake of Calanus® Oil improves Body Composition

A new study conducted by a research team from Leibniz Universität in Hannover, Germany, shows exciting synergistic effects on body composition when combining moderate physical activity with Calanus® Oil supplementation.

134 healthy, untrained participants (96 women and 38 men, average age 59 years, average BMI 28) took part in the 12-week interventional study. The participants were divided into four groups. All participants, except the control group, performed 2 hours of exercise per week. Additionally, one group was supplemented with Calanus® Oil and one group received dietary guidance.

“We see that intake of Calanus® Oil has a stronger impact on fat reduction and increase in lean body mass when compared to the other treatment groups, including the group receiving dietary guidance. These results are highly encouraging and show that Calanus® Oil impacts the energy metabolism of the body in a favorable direction beyond what can be explained by traditional omega-3 knowledge. This is the first human clinical trial to document body composition improvement, but we have already seen this in several preclinical studies”, says Head of Science in Calanus Alice Marie Pedersen, PhD.

Reduction of fat mass

The participants consuming Calanus® Oil, in addition to the exercise program, showed a reduction of 1,7 kg in fat mass and 0,8 kg increase in lean body mass, both significantly better than the other three study groups.

Pedersen explains that the marked improvement in body composition is probably multifaceted, and can be related to anabolic signaling in the muscle tissue and activation of specialized receptors in the distal intestine. These mechanisms are associated with improved insulin sensitivity.

“The totality of clinical findings shows that Calanus® Oil helps the metabolic tuning of the body by improving body composition, muscle function and insulin sensitivity. These benefits are very welcome in a time where obesity- induced disorders are a big threat to the public health”, concludes Head of Sales and Marketing Jan Erik Olsen, M.Sc.Pharmacy.

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