Real avant-gardist, Calanus® / Zooca™ is developing a new bio-industry with the copepod Artic Calanus Finmarchicus.

Exclusively distributed by Seanova, it represents the most renewable and usable resources from the northern region of Norway. Calanus covers the entire value chain, developing technology and expertise allowing sustainable fishing process and bio-processing of the species.

Calanus® / Zooca™ has developed a patented fishing technology, which allows :

  • Low speed harvesting requiring only 1/3 of the energy used for traditional trawling
  • A high yield with a minimum of by-catch
  • Raw material immediately frozen on board to ensure freshness

Calanus finmarchicus

zooplancton calanus finmarchicus

Calanus finmarchicus is a 3-5 mm long copepod (crustacean) harvested in the pure waters off the Norwegian coast.

This small pelagic zooplankton, with a life span of one year, is the most abundant animal species on the planet and represents the largest exploitable biomass in the Northern Hemisphere.


These are some of the benefits that have been documented in preclinical trials:
Against intra-abdominal obesity
Improves insulin sensitivity
Powerful anti-inflammatory activity thanks to several mechanisms of action
Against fatty non-alcoholic liver diseases
Improves endurance and oxygen absorption