poisson jaune avec Epax bleu

Epax® is the world leader in concentrated Omega-3 fatty acids. Using only high quality, sustainable and traceable raw materials, Epax® provides safe and pure health-specific Omega-3 formulas scientifically proven in numerous clinical studies over the past two decades.

For all of its ingredients, Epax® ensures quality control at every stage, from raw oil sourcing to finished omega-3 concentrates, through priority customer service and traceable ethical practices.

The Epax Purity, Quality, Innovation commitment ensures that our customers and consumers receive the best EPA/DHA omega-3 ingredients on the market (“Friend of the Sea and Marin Trust Certifications”).

By choosing Epax® oils, you guarantee your customers premium, safe, traceable, clinically documented Omega-3.

Epax® is distributed exclusively by Seanova in France, Spain and Portugal.