Seanova supports several ambitious projects for the protection of marine environments, the repopulation of the oceans and the restoration of coastal reef biodiversity.

Seanova’s ambition: to be a player involved in marine ecology.

Our ecosystem is precious and must be preserved. 


Objectif Bloom organised by Iodysséus: the only ocean racing programme, in trimaran, 100% dedicated to performance and scientific research on marine aerosols.

The programme consists of collecting data on the health of the seas and oceans by studying the North Atlantic’s spring bloom, i.e. the seasonal bloom of photosynthetic micro-algae which, on a global scale, absorbs a third of the excess CO2 emitted into the atmosphere and produces 50% of the oxygen essential for life.

Iodyseus brings back to land a rich palette of microbiological samples taken in vivo from marine aerosols in real conditions of rough sea. These samples will contribute to our understanding of the relationship between the ocean and the climate in today’s emergency situation.

Recognized by the UN

The Iodysseus programme has just been recognised by the United Nations as an ocean sciences programme for sustainable development.

At the same time, Iodysséus has obtained the SOT (Ship Observations Team) certificate, issued under the auspices of the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, which confirms the quality of the data collected and their free access to the international scientific community.