Seanova joins the Iodysséus adventure

bateau gris et rouge sur la mer

Iodysséus: Bloom Objective!

Seanova joins the Iodysséus adventure, an offshore race, in a trimaran, 100% dedicated to performance and scientific research on marine aerosols.

What is the “Bloom objective”?

Eric Defert: “As early as 2019, we will be leading a mission, ” bloom objective”, which will aim to quantify the carbon footprint of the most widespread phytoplankton species in the North Atlantic, as well as to take samples for cultivation. We will use this pilot expedition to make a documentary to raise collective awareness of the beauty and diversity of planktonic ecosystems. A fitting tribute to the services they have rendered to the planet over the past four billion years and to humanity more recently.”

A “technological” trimaran

Thanks to our trimaran equipped with a marine aerosol sensor we will be able to:

  • Determine the diversity of organisms present in marine aerosols
  • Understand plankton distribution and dynamics in the oceans
  • Learn about the influence of the oceans on the atmosphere to better understand our environment and climate
  • Develop a sampling tool that meets precise specifications in order to eventually equip many boats in the futur
illustration bateau avec capteurs

Iodysséus boat with sensors

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Press release of 29 April 2019:
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